Marching on into March

With the arrival of the month of March, my second term at university came to a close. This term definitely felt quicker than my first but at the same time more cram-packed. This term came with three essays to complete compared to my first term only having two. I was surprised how hard I found these essays, or to be more precise how hard I found the time management they required. I didn’t understand why I was finding it so hard, it wasn’t like I was a stranger to having a lot of essays to do at once, my three essay based a-levels could prove that, yet I still struggled. As it turned out it was that comparison that was causing me strife, once I stopped thinking about how much time I had left to write and actually started writing- the essays were much less stressful. That being said I know for many people just being told ‘stop thinking and start doing’ isn’t gonna do much, it could even result in more stress. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like this please get in touch with your seminar leaders or your supervisor, they are here to help! They could nudge you in the right direction to get you back on track.

When in the middle of writing essays it can be easy to forget the world around you, contrary to what you may feel when typing away manically, this won’t help. Breaking up your essay writing with hobbies will allow you to go back to it with fresh eyes. While the lockdown does limit the hobbies available to you there are still a wide range out there! I’ve been getting back into my art and have set my self a little side project of drawing some tarot cards. It’s a fun activity that gets my mind of my essays just for a bit.

Freedom is on the horizon and I have started to plan for when it arrives (hopefully it still will). My flatmates and I have booked some festivals, fingers crossed they can happen, and have started listing things we want to do in York that we didn’t get a chance to do yet. I for one am looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about bear gardens as I never got the chance to go to one before the whole plague situation. Most of all I’m looking forward to seeing people again! Many of my school friends I haven’t seen since the beginning of lockdown one and while zoom has allowed us to at least talk face to face, I’m looking forward to the real thing. 


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Antonia Thompson White
University of York |