Covid Christmas

Like the rest of this year, Christmas time has been a unique experience. I began my December back in university, where exam season was in full swing. Doing an online test was definitely a new experience and I’ll admit my nerves weren’t helped by the fire alarm going off halfway through. But in the end, I completed my exams, and it was actually quite enjoyable to see the proof of what I had learnt that term. Then began the checklist in order to go home. Like many university students due to the current pandemic, I hadn’t been able to see my family since I had left for university. So I wanted to make sure I had done everything to make sure I was as careful as possible before I went home. I booked and attended my test, now the third one I have done. I packed my things a few days in advance, my respect for my mum's packing skills doubled. How is it that mums are always able to squeeze so much into a suitcase? And cleared my fridge and cupboards of anything that would expire. My advice is when leading up to leaving, really plan and keep an eye on what you're buying so nothing gets wasted!

It’s so strange being home after being away so long! Not having to cook my own dinner every night is definitely a treat I appreciate more now. When it comes to holiday assignments the best thing is to arrange a time and space with your family that is yours for your work. I found it difficult at first to work on my essay when I could hear the sounds of my family in the rooms around me, which are different from the sounds I would hear at university. However, once I got re-used to my home surroundings work became much smoother. While it’s very easy to get caught up in essay writing and required reading please don’t forget to spend some time with your family! This holiday is a chance to re-charge and to see people you haven’t seen in months. Well, see some people COVID has unfortunately made it that many of us can’t see the whole family at Christmas. 

While at this point in time everything is very uncertain, I hope that everyone is doing as well as they can considering the circumstances and that everyone has happy holidays.


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Antonia Thompson White
University of York |