Topics covered

So... what should I write about?

The Post Hole is all about archaeology! We have published on a range of topics and themes, from the Palaeolithic through to the present day. Articles on heritage management, media, and projects around the UK are regularly featured. Other common topics are reports of excavations, reviews of conferences, information about local and national archaeology groups, and discussions and debates on archaeological theory and practice.

We are happy to receive any kind of submission, so long as it relates to archaeology. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your personal experiences of working in archaeology, whether that's a research project, fieldwork, public outreach, or something else.
  • Opinion and discussion of current debates or topical events in academic, commercial or public archaeology (on theory, practice, politics or involvement).
  • Reviews of public events, such as talks, conferences, demonstrations or excavations.
  • Information about current fieldwork and other projects - tell us what you've found!
  • 'Primer' guides providing advice on particular topics in archaeology, perhaps including recommended reading or web browsing.
  • Research projects and findings
  • Or, perhaps an academic piece of work that you are particularly please with could be submitted.

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