Alex Loktionov
University of Cambridge

Ancient Egyptian judicial systems, Mesopotamian divination, Underworld conceptions across the ancient world.

About me:

I'm an MPhil student in Egyptology at St. John's College, Cambridge, Founder and former President of the Cambridge Ancient Literature Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I have recently completed a dissertation on intellectual links between Late Period Egypt and Assyria, while my current MPhil research focusses on how decisions made by New Kingdom Egyptian law courts were enforced. Beyond my specific area, I have also worked on the Burnt Mounds of the British Bronze Age and on developing integrated outreach initiatives in the wider fields of Archaeology and Ancient History.


Something for everyone: a ritualistic interpretation of Bronze Age burnt mounds from an ethnographic perspective
_Burnt mounds are among the most enigmatic archaeological features found across the British Isles. This paper provides an overview of current theories regarding...
A well-oiled future: Recreating Babylonian oil divination
This paper looks at arguably the most ancient documented form of fortune-telling: Old Babylonian oil divination. The principle aim is to raise awareness of a mu...
Alex Loktionov: Egyptology and Assyriology at the University of Cambridge
This year, my principal area of research has been my undergraduate dissertation, which looks at transfer of literary motifs from Late Period Egypt to the royal ...

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