Laura Koski
University of York

Zooarchaeology, GIS, Field Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology of Food

About me:

I am a Zooarchaeology MSc student from the Midwestern United States. My primary research interest includes studying the development and diversity of hunting, fishing, and cooking practices of the pre-contact peoples of North America through engaging with tribal descendants, and using that knowledge to better interpret archaeological sites. Following that, I am particularly interested in how Native Americans and Euro-Americans influenced each other during the contact period regarding resource procurement and preparation. I also love working in the field, and cannot wait to get back out there after finishing my degree!


The Utility of GIS in Large-Scale Zooarchaeological Analyses: A Case Study Focusing on a Mixed Context Site in the Midwestern United States
Introduction The following is a case study exploring how ArcGIS was incorporated in the zooarchaeological analysis of Coney Island of the West (21CR164): a 3...

ISSN 2052-0778 (print)
ISSN 2051-9745 (online)

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