Freddy van Randwyck
University of York

Historical Archaeology centred mainly around the transition of Iron Age Societies to Roman occupied societies as well as an interest in Conflict Archaeology and Archaeological Theory.

About me:

I am a second year archaeology student who got interested in the subject by accident when a team of archaeologist from UCL decided to excavate a site two miles away from my house. Since then I’ve been on many more excavations and last February I was chosen to attend an International program set up by the UEA to embark on a tour of Britain’s major Archaeological sites, including Stonehenge, Sutton Hoo and Must Farm, as well as behind the scenes tours of Museums, such as the British Museum, accompanied by a group of Japanese heritage students from the University of Tokyo. I aim to be involved in as many projects as time will allow in the coming years at York.

ISSN 2052-0778 (print)
ISSN 2051-9745 (online)

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