Izzy Wisher
University of York

Early prehistory, cognitive evolution, human evolution, primatology, Neanderthals, and the Mesolithic.

About me:

I’m currently a PhD student at Durham University studying the psychological foundations of Palaeolithic parietal art in Northern Spain. I was initially drawn to archaeology through my love of history, heritage, and science, as it provided the perfect combination of all three! My research interests predominantly lie in early prehistory, particularly with exploring the minds and behaviours of our ancestors. Consequently, I’m also interested in evolutionary psychology and anthropology, and place great merit in interdisciplinary approaches to archaeology.


Monkeying Around: An Evaluation of How Analogies with Modern Primates Can Help Make Inferences About Early Human Behaviour
##Introduction The behaviour of the closest living relatives to modern humans can give a tentative insight into how early humans may have behaved. Through obs...

ISSN 2052-0778 (print)
ISSN 2051-9745 (online)

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