Issue No.52 - February 2019

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King Richard's Field: The Impact of the Discovery of Richard III and the Finds from Bosworth Battlefield
The Utility of GIS in Large-Scale Zooarchaeological Analyses: A Case Study Focusing on a Mixed Context Site in the Midwestern United States
Mesolithic Mortuary Rites: An Evaluation of the Practices of Inhumation & Disarticulation
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News and updates

30th April 2015

As part of our The Post Hole meets York Seminar interview series we meet Dr Efthymia Nakita, who specialises in biological archaeology and osteology in the Sahara and the Aegean.

9th March 2015

For the next The Post Hole meets York Seminar Series interview we talk to Dr Ben Elliot, an archaeologist based at the University of Leicester.

Dr Jane Grenville
3rd February 2015

For the next installment of The Post Hole meets... we conducted an interview with the Deputy Vice Chancellor of The University of York, Dr Jane Grenville who specialises in heritage policy

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23rd January 2015

We are slightly altering the way images should be submitted with articles.

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