Editing infomation

Editorial Requirements

Editors will adhere to the following rules:

  • All submissions will be read in full and all submissions will be considered for publication without bias in terms of authorship or content, so long as the content is relevant.
  • Deadlines are final. If articles are not submitted by the agreed issue deadline, there is no requirement that they be published or considered for publication until after the issue in question is released. They will, however, be considered with equal weight for publication alongside submissions for subsequent issues.
  • There is no guarantee an article submitted will be published. However, submission of material for consideration represents the author(s) agreement to the copyright terms. As such, they may be published in the issue for which they submitted, or indeed any future issue.

Permissible changes to submitted material

In order to maintain consistency across our publications, we may edit your submissions within the following guidelines. At all times editors will respect the intellectual content and points made by a publication and all changes made must be made for one of the following reasons:

  • Correcting or harmonising spelling, grammar or numerical/scientific elements of a paper to British English and English number formatting.
  • Clarifying a point by altering overall sentence/paragraph structure. This process should not change the meaning of any phrase within the paper or the paper as a whole, and authors should be given the chance to approve these changes before publication.
  • Reworking, touching up, cropping, rescaling or otherwise editing figures to make them appropriate for a given publication medium and The Post Hole's style guidelines. With regard to graphical representations of data, we may request original datasets used to generate figures in order to create a more consistent look for figures throughout the publication. These data will be used only for this purpose and will not be released or published without the express consent of their owner.

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